Corcom Matrix

January 1, 2018
Location: United States of America
The new blockchain solution to help your big ideas take flight.


The CorCom Matrix is fueled by a digital token, COR. COR is distributed as a reward for value creation events, including the entry of an Idea into the system, or the development of that idea by project collaborators. It can also be used to purchase goods and services inside the matrix, to further develop and promote the idea.

The Core Component Matrix is a digital community based economy where ideas are given the resources they need to grow and become reality. COR is the digital utility token of the Core Component Matrix. At ICO, COR token holders will be able to purchase goods and services from core components in the matrix as well as be rewarded for project contributions with COR token.


Jesse Adams, Ph.D. - Chief Executive Officer Robbie Moen - Chief Communications Officer Nathaniel Jones, CISSP - Information Security Advisor Greg Durkin Scott Erwin Ray Sidney Steven Malekos - Advisor Tyson Cross LL.M.