January 1, 2018
Location: United States of America
Turn Prepaid airtime into cash.


BitMinutes are the first prepaid airtime token to provide low-cost financial services to the world’s two billion unbanked consumers. BitMinutes serve as the universal cryptocurrency for enabling global telecommunications providers, retail merchants and a network of trusted agents to offer free money transfer and guaranteed loans to six billion cellphone users.

BitMinutes are prepaid cellphone minutes that are designed to collateralize micro-loans for over 2 billion consumers in 70 countries. Micro-loans are too small, and unprofitable for banks, so consumers pay 80-100% interest rates. BitMinutes’ ability to support small financial transactions profitably turns any corner reatiler into a corner banker in a Trusted Agent Network (TAN), offering micro-loans at 50% discount to current rates. Network marketing effectively expands the TAN network to become a virtual cloud-based financial services provider to under-served communities globally.

BitMinutes are also real currency. Use as phone minutes (Call the Philippines for 20 minutes using one BitMinute, for example) or to pay bills at participating vendors and government agencies. Unused BitMinutes will also be redeemable anytime for cash in 70 countries within the next 18-24 months.

Long-term value: BitMinutes never expire.


Tom Meredith - Cofounder & CEO Leonard Schrank - Advisor Brian Smith - Advisor Tim Draper - Advisor David Drake - Advisor