January 1, 2018
Location: Russia
Funding the production of eco-friendly beef.


This project is already existing stable and profitable business model in green economy that presents integrated structure from field to counter. First level of this business model includes organic meat farm with a deep processing to semi-finished products, and second level is presented by restaurant network in Moscow under the label “Meat Desire” with a butcher shop.

After the imposition of economic sanctions against Russia in 2014, Russian agriculture is experiencing a new renaissance with the growth of domestic producers.

Melbard LLC is Moscow-based privately owned company named after its founder – Nikolay Melbard, known Russian entrepreneur and owner of agricultural farm in Penza region of Russia.

Restaurant business in Moscow is experiencing great growth and restaurants with natural organic food are in great demand.

Token Sale is intended to raise funds for the opening up to six new restaurants under the label “Meat Desire” in Moscow and for expansion of the agricultural farm in Penza region: a brewery, a cheese factory, a delicatessen shop will be opened and the production of dairy products will be increased.

Our goal is to diversify the assortment of organic products offered in the “Meat Desire” restaurants, due to the expansion of the agricultural farm.

Issued tokens are backed by assets of profitable business model (the farm and the restaurants) with total value over $4,500,000.


Nikolay Melbard - Founder & CEO, Melbard LLC, Co-owner, Meat Desire Kirill Kuznetsov - Brand Chef & Co-owner, Meat Desire Dennis Chirkovsky - Marketing & PR Alexey Balakirev - Financial Advisor Marina Vorsina - Legal Advisor